Bulk USDT OTC trade by 234 exchange

Experience seamless fiat-to-USDT exchange with 234 Exchange, your gateway to effortless cryptocurrency transactions. Our platform empowers you to trade in bulk, ensuring you have the financial freedom you deserve. What sets us apart is our global reach, as we are accessible in over 150 countries. Join us today and unlock the world of possibilities in cryptocurrency trading!

Personalized trading experience

At 234 Exchange, we tailor your trading experience to suit your individual needs. 


Fast Payment

At 234 Exchange, we redefine the essence of fast payments.

Awesome Support

At 234 Exchange, we’ve got your back round the clock. We’re always here for you, no matter the hour, to provide the support you require.

234 Exchange OTC process

Buying USDT

To initiate your purchase, kindly complete the order form with the desired amount, your name, phone number, and email. Upon submission, you’ll be seamlessly redirected to WhatsApp for automatic order placement. If you’re not using WhatsApp, no worries, we’ve got you covered. Simply close the tab, and we’ll send you the payment URL via email for your convenience.

Payment URL

Once your order is confirmed, we’ll promptly send you a payment link for you to complete the transaction.


Once your transaction is successfully completed and we verify your payment, we will promptly send your USDT to the address you’ve provided.

usdt purchase form

Please complete the form to place your USDT order. After submitting, you’ll be seamlessly redirected to WhatsApp. Simply tap “Message” to share your order, and one of our dedicated agents will promptly assist you.

Please enter a number from 10000 to 1000000.
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